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Purpose-Driven PUblic Relations

If you want to increase awareness of your organization and your cause… you need PR.

Being a best-kept secret doesn’t benefit anyone – not your organization and certainly not the people you serve.

The problem is, public relations can feel overwhelming. Where should you focus to make the most impact? 

How can you build a strategic PR program that delivers consistent, ongoing results if you don’t have the knowledge or bandwidth inside your organization? 

why we’re here

At Orapin, we believe those who are making a difference in the world need to be known, supported, and celebrated.

It’s our mission to make PR accessible to purpose-driven companies and nonprofits.

Because people can’t work with you, support you, or get the help they need if they don’t know who you are, what you do, and the difference you make.

PR doesn’t have to be stuffy or cost prohibitive. It isn’t only for bigger or “worthier” organizations. We’ll partner with you to create a PR strategy that is the right fit for your organization and raises awareness about your mission and important work.

When you increase visibility, you attract more clients, partners, and donors. You have a greater impact and you can do more good. 

You need a PR partner who believes in your mission, is a champion for your cause, and is committed to your success.

Through targeted earned media and thought leadership strategies, we’ll help you:

  • Increase awareness of your organization and the impact you make
  • Expand the reach of your message and grow your audience
  • Gain recognition for your work and expertise
  • Build trust, credibility, and influence with your stakeholders
  • Become known and sought after as an industry leader and authority

founder + senior pr strategist

Hi, I’m Rhiannon.

I founded Orapin on the belief that organizations that work for the greater good need to be known, supported, and celebrated so they can maximize their impact in the world.

We understand that your plate is full. You don’t have time or budget to spare. You might have tried PR in the past and you didn’t get the results you wanted. 

But if you see other organizations being featured or their leaders being quoted, it isn’t because their work or message is more important than yours. It’s because they have an impactful PR strategy that delivers consistent results. We can help you do the same.

Because when you increase awareness about your organization, you build its credibility, reputation, and influence. And that means you can amplify and accelerate your impact.

Rhiannon Hendrickson


Ways to Work With Us


Who We’ve Worked With

We are proud of the work we do, who we do it for, and the greater impact it makes. 

​We build enduring client partnerships based on trust, mutual respect, and a spirit of collaboration. Current and past clients include nonprofit organizations, professional services firms, health and wellness practices, and others whose focus is helping people live better lives.

These are some of the clients we’ve had the pleasure of working with since 2010.

Jefferson Center
Commonly Well
Aspen Ridge Recovery
Caring for Denver Foundation
Women's Recovery
Boys Hope Girls Hope
Jewish Family Service
Colorado Coalition for the Homeless
Project Angel Heart
Brain Injury Alliance
Grounded World


How We Work

Let's Talk

We love learning about organizations that are working to make a difference in the world. We’ll chat to learn about your mission and PR hopes and dreams, and see if we’re the best fit for your needs. If we are, we’ll propose ways we can work together to achieve the specific outcomes you’re striving for.

Make A Plan

Whether you’re looking for an ongoing PR strategy or media coverage for a specific event or announcement, we’ll begin by getting a clear understanding of your business, goals, audiences, key messages, and PR priorities. From there we’ll create a plan so you can move forward with confidence.

Get Started

Now it’s time to bring the plan to life. We can either set you up to do PR on your own or provide ongoing “done with you” or “done for you” support – whichever suits your needs and available resources best. We’re happy to help however we can so your organization gets the attention and recognition it deserves.

Get the PR strategy, resources, and support you need to share your stories, increase visibility, and make a greater impact in the world.


What Clients Say


The time we’ve spent working with Orapin has been a phenomenal learning and growth experience for my company. I’m incredibly proud to have them on my side and am excited to continue working with them.

Cortland Mathers-Suter

AspenRidge Recovery + Colorado Medication Assisted Recovery


Working with Orapin has made me much more knowledgeable about the PR world and process, and what it takes to be successful. The team is accountable, driven, smart, and produces high-quality work. Their guidance, insights, and experience have been incredibly valuable.

Jennifer Johnson

RK Industries

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PR Tips + Best Practices

Expert insights and practical PR advice for leaders and marketers of purpose-driven organizations
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How To Create A Media Kit That Gets PR Results

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Let’s Work Together!

Your organization’s mission and work are too important to remain a best-kept secret.


We can help you share your stories, amplify your message, and accelerate your impact.


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